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Szekely Inn Csaroda

Székely Vendégház Csaroda
4844, Csaroda, József Attila u. 48.
+36-30-261-9497; +36-45-484-830,

Accommodation type: ecological tourism
Quality: 3 sunflowers

Around 9 miles away from Vasarosnameny, Csaroda, this picturesque little town along Creek Csaroda is divided by Road 41. The flora and fauna of this area is unique in Europe, providing habitat for particular species like the peat-moss (Sphagnum), the moss orchid, and the viviparous lizard.

Visitors to the town are greeted by the smiling saints carved on the Calvinist Church from the 13th century. Built in 1887, renovated in 2000, and situated by Lake Csaroda, Szekely Inn, this old house with a traditonal porch is now a fully equipped hostel. Having central heating, the inn is open all year round and has 2 three-bed and 1 four-bed rooms. All rooms have TV, shower and restrooms. A well-equipped kitchen and the great backyard provide place for culinary adventures.

Closed parking.

Pet friendly.

The thermal spa in Gergelyugornya is within 15 minutes on Road 41

Equipped kitchen, TV, terrace, shower, WC, barbeque, fireplace, closed parking.

Prices 2006:
  • Adult: 2,500 HUF/person/day
  • Child: 2,000 HUF/person/day

Prices may have changed since posting. Please check with your host before traveling.

Accommodation: Székely Inn, Csaroda
Address: 4844 Csaroda József Attila u. 48.

Fully furnished kitchen, TV, Garden, Shower, WC, restroom, Barbecue, Camping fire ring/fire pit, Parking lot,