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Gal Farm Bugacpuszta

Gál tanya Bugacpuszta
6114, Bugac, Nagybugac 144.
+36-76-575-028; +36-30-680-0638 +36-30-239-5085,

Stunning sites: the magic of the puszta

Gal Farm Bugacpuszta, horseback riding, forest The Gal farm (Gál tanya) is located on Bugacpuszta, in Hungary's Kiskunsag National Park, approximately 22 miles
(35 km) from Kecskemet.

Part of the famous Kiskunsag National Park, the Bugac landscape showcases the untouched beauty of wind-swept sand-hills, of woods and marshes, and that of the salt puszta.  The picturesque land and its diverse flora and fauna, including its relict juniper grove, is a must see for all travelers.

Traditional farming in harmony with nature

The approximately 717 acre Gal eco-farm invites visitors to experience country life, and to get acquainted with species of ancient Hungarian domestic animals like the grey cattle,  the Racka sheep, and the Mangalitsa swine (Hungarian Curly Coat).

Genuine Hungarian hospitality, traditional cuisine, equestrian tours, and outstanding accommodations

  • Gál tanya carriage rides point out intricate details of  Bugacpuszta's landscape to up to 10-20 participants.
  • Hungry travelers are then enticed to a feast of savory meat products from Mangalitsa pork.
  • And when evening comes, two whitewashed country style farmhouses invite for a delightful rest.

Four rooms with twin beds, 2 bathrooms, and  fully furnished kitchen.

Program prices 2007:
(HUF, € / person) 2500 HUF, 10 €
Group size: min. 4, max. 20 people
Discount: students, children 50 %

Accommodations prices 2007: (HUF, € / person / night) 5000 HUF, 20 €
Discount: children under 12 years old 25 %

Fully furnished kitchen, Garden, No smoking rooms, Shower, WC, restroom, Barbecue, Camping fire ring/fire pit, Buggy ride, Parking lot, Recreation and sightseeing activities, Breakfast, dinner, pet friendly, Parking lot, Twin beds,