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IFE Foodapest 2007 Press Release

November 20 - 22, 2007



Food groups around the world have applauded the decision of Montgomery International/Expomedia Group and Hungexpo to consolidate two major food exhibitions into one large annual event that will serve the Balkan and Central European region.

The merged exhibition is called IFE Foodapest, and will take place for the first time 20-22 November 2007 at Hungexpo, Budapest.

IFE is the world’s leading brand of food exhibitions, with successful shows in Budapest Hungary, Miami America, New Delhi India, Warsaw Poland, Moscow Russia as well as its famous flagship event that took place in London (March 18-21, 2007).

Foodapest is the leading biennial food event in the Balkan and Central European region and has been running for 15 years. The Food Equipment and Technology section within Foodapest will remain on a biennial basis (next taking place in November 2008) and its branding and positioning will be strengthened as the Foodapest Technology & Equipment Exhibition which will coincide every two years with IFE Foodapest.

The bringing together of these two important brands, provide huge benefits for exhibitors and visitors alike. There will now be one single event for the whole Balkan and Central European region, instead of two. The combined experience of the new team will bring together the international network of sales agents and organisations of Montgomery, with the local and regional knowledge and experience of Hungexpo, to produce an international event of high-quality that will deliver a far more interesting and profitable experience for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Christopher Newton, Chairman of Montgomery International, said “The combination of Foodapest and IFE will be a formidable force in the food industry and provide one single event for visitors from all over the Balkan and Central Europe region, to come to and to find the products and solutions that they need. We are very excited by this opportunity, and look forward to concentrating all of the Montgomery and IFE networks on IFE Foodapest to produce a Food show that is of really high-quality.”

Martin Szebini, Exhibition Division Director Hungexpo
, said “We welcome the involvement of Montgomery/Expomedia Group and IFE and share their enthusiasm and vision for a new international exhibition that will draw visitors from throughout the region to meet exhibitors from Hungary and the rest of the world. Foodapest is a strong brand in the region, and IFE will add an international aspect that will help us to create a larger event that will serve all of the exhibitors and visitors.”

For more information, please contact:

  • Christopher Newton: +44 207 886 3000
  • Martin Szebeni: +36 1 263 6000
  • Oliver Strommer: +36 1 225 8630

Address: 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai ut 10 (Expo Square 1.)

Mailing address
: 1441 Budapest, Pf. 44.

Phone: 36-1-263-6000
Fax: 36-1-263-6098



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