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Bugac is the largest separate area of the Kiskunsag National Park. A region with a wealth of outstanding natural beauty and environmental value, the Bugac area includes the highly protected Native Juniper Grove (Osborokas), sand dune forests and sand plains, marshes, bogs, boggy meadows, wet grasslands, sodic lakes and sodic plains. The sand-dune forests of junipers and poplars accommodate numerous rare species of plants and animals.

The entrance to the Bugac area of the Kiskunsag National Park is at 'Karikas Csarda' (Karikas Inn), where admission tickets and information leaflets are available. Near the entrance replicas of ancient shepherd's buildings, made of reed and wood, are displayed. The plain (puszta) can be approached on foot or by horse-drawn carriage. The cone-shape building of the 'Pasztormuzeum' (Shepherds Museum) houses an exhibition of the typical flora and fauna of the region, and of the life of the shepherds in the plains around Kecskemet. Horse shows, which are offered daily in the high season, demonstrate the skillfulness of the range men of Bugac and some of the old shepherd's traditions in the region. Ancient-origin farm animals grazing in the neighborhood revive the one-time atmosphere of the puszta.

Bugac Hungary Sand-Dune Forest
The Lower Plain (Also-puszta) and the Bugac Forest (Bugaci Nagyerdo) may be visited along the red cross and the red stripe tourist trails and along the 'Boroka (Juniper) Study Trail'.

The red cross trail leads to a lookout with a magnificent view over the Native Juniper Grove, which is a highly protected area and may only be visited strictly following the marked trail or in the company of a professional guide.

Another sight of interest is the Plain Afforesting Museum, which is situated in a breathtaking natural environment.

One of the most important events in the puszta is the 'Bugac Festival', whose main attraction is the Horse Carriage Qualifying Race, which is organized yearly in the memory of Imre Abonyi, former world champion charioteer. For those wishing to spend several days in Bugac, the horse farms and hotels provide accommodation and catering services.

Further sights of interest include the popular thermal spa in the nearby Kiskunmajsa, and the magnificent secessionist town hall and the Kiskun Museum in Kiskunfelegyhaza, a regional administrative center.

Bugac Hungary Shepherds BuildingsBugac Hungary Racka Sheep

Further information and program guide
Phone: +36-76-372-688 and 575-112

How to get there
  • Bugac can be reached on Road 54 from Kecskemet. A side road at the 21st kilometer stone leads to Bugacpuszta. A car park is available at Karikas Csarda.
  • The puszta can also be approached by a narrow-gauge train service running from Kecskemet to Kiskunmajsa and back. Some of the trains are what we call 'nostalgia' trains with old engines and carriages. Railway station address: 6000 Kecskemet, Halasi ut 19. Tel: +36-76-504-308.
  • From Kiskunfelegyhaza there is a coach service to the village of Bugac.

Source: Kiskunsag National Park


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